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Middle Eastern Humanities CH. 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Middle Eastern Humanities CH. 5 - Essay Example be used in setting up the environment for the visitors, for instance, in order to maximize the number of banquet tables in the room, they can be set in a corner or fit in the center of the room. In most cases, diagonal placement and arrangement of banquet tables is deemed to be spacious and efficient as opposed to lateral rows. In making a six-course banquet for visitors from the East, Israel and turkey can require proper planning of the events so that the culinary cultures of the visitors are not violated or offended. However, the banquet being offered may not necessarily incorporate all the cultural values of the visitors, a great degree of comfort and confidence in setting up the banquet is necessary (Helstosky 87). At the same time, there has to be a high degree of ethics related to table manners and other culinary involvements. During the event, tea will be served, as well as other warm beverages depending on the state of the weather, if it will be extremely hot, then it will be prudent to serve cold beverages. During the session, snacks like peanuts or sweets will also be offered for those that may wish to have them, as the visitors get to interact and share light moments, the host will have to inform them when to sit on the round tables. In terms of dishes, beef, chicken, vegetables, as well as different varieties of seafood, shall also be offered, while serving, it will be necessary to keep the number of dishes even (Notaker 187). However, the number of guests and their culinary practices, according to their cultures will determine the setting up of dishes during the banquet. Most often, rice is always served in large banquets, it is usually served last or as the second-last dish, this is done with the aim of avoiding the impression that the host was in misery for serving a meal that is different from the main basic food. Before serving dessert, it is important to start with soup, this ensures that any small amount of space in the stomach is filled,

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Comstat Transforms American Policing Research Paper

Comstat Transforms American Policing - Research Paper Example Quoting Director Jeff Godown again, Compstat is a â€Å"philosophy of crime control. It is less about procuring state-of-the-art equipment than about adopting a state of mind that police really do count in reducing crime.† The fact that no specialized equipment or computer software is a prerequisite for implementing the Compstat program makes it easier for different police departments across different cities to make use of it; as Godown said, it is basically just a â€Å"philosophy† that needs to be followed. Venturing further into his address on the â€Å"Compstat Process: Four Principles for Managing Crime Reduction,† it is learnt that many members of the law enforcement sector have had â€Å"the opportunity to attend training sessions and/or workshops on the principles, practices, policies, and procedures,† of Compstat, and that â€Å"the CompStat process is not a single state-of-the-art computer equipped with a special software program†; therefo re, not only is the Compstat model adept at tackling the issue of crime, it is flexible, adaptable, and can be used by any police force in any part of the country. According to HabibOzdemir in his article on â€Å"Compstat: Strategic Police Management for Effective Crime Deterrence in New York City,† the best quality of the Compstat model is the importance given to accountability.For Samuel Walker, he has expressed in his paper that â€Å"accountability is an element of American policing,† and â€Å"lawfulness and legitimacy, in turn, are essential if the police are to achieve their goals.† of reducing crime and disorder.† Returning to Ozdemir’s paper, â€Å"Compstat makes operational commanders accountable for being aware of their decisions and empirical results of

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Buy Essay Online: Dishonest Odysseus of Homers Odyssey -- Odyssey ess

The Dishonest Odysseus of Odyssey   Ã‚   Once he returns to Ithaca, Odysseus displays dishonest behavior and does not once tell a person who he actually is when first meeting him. Odysseus hides his identity at first, whether by actively lying or passively not correcting their erroneous beliefs.   He tells Pallas Athena, first, that he is from Crete, had killed a man there, and had gotten a ride with some Phoenicians to Ithaca. He tells Eumaios that he grew up in Crete, went to Troy for the Trojan War, returned to Crete afterward and traveled to raid Egypt, where he was captured by Egyptians. Odysseus (as the beggar) says that he grew wealthy in Egypt, but was taken in by a man who meant to sell him as a slave. He tells that he escaped, and found refuge in Thesprotia. Then on his way back home to Crete, people tried to make him a slave again, he escaped again (although in a different fashion), and he ended up in Ithaca. Except for the fact that it’s the story of a hard life, this bears absolutely no relation to the actual story of Odysseus. He tells everyone (or lets them believe) nearly the same tale to everyone else that he meets in Ithaca before he kills the suitors. There are a few noticeable differences that we will get to, but one must be consistent in one’ s lies, after all, in enemy-held territory. After killing the suitors, he tells Laertes a completely different lie, mostly centering around him (Odysseus as the stranger) having seen Odysseus alive after the Trojan War. Odysseus lies to his enemies for obvious reasons; he doesn’t want them to know that Odysseus has returned. He starts off lying to his allies and friends for similar reasons. The only people who he can allow to know his identity are those he has te... ...and has to fight down his emotions, so we can relate to him. Ultimately, though, he keeps his self-control and wins out in the end, making him a true hero and a fine character. Works Cited and Consulted Bloom, Harold ,   Homer's Odyssey: Edited and with an Introduction, NY, Chelsea House 1988 Crane, Gregory , Calypso: Backgrounds and Conventions of the Odyssey,   Frankfurt, Athenaeum 1988 Heubeck, Alfred, J.B. Hainsworth, et al. A commentary on Homer's Odyssey. 3 Vols. Oxford PA4167 .H4813 1988 Homer. The Odyssey. Trans. Robert Fitzgerald. New York: Vintage Books, 1989. Rengakos, Antonios. Homertext und die Hellenistichen Dichter. Hermes. Einzelschriften, Heft 64. Stuttgart, F. Steiner, 1993. Tracy, Stephen V. ,The Story of the Odyssey Princeton UP 1990   Van der Valk, Marchinus. Textual Criticism of the Odyssey. Leiden: A.W. Sijthoff, 1949.

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National Fabricators

Key Events/Case Synopsis National Fabricators Inc. is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of lockers, school furniture, toilet partitions, steel shelving, and is now currently owned by Tom Kruger after buying out $75,000 of shares from shareholders in 1992. The industry is very competitive as costs are rising and prices being cut while the economy declines at the same time. As the president of National Fabricators, Tom Kruger needs to bring the company back on its feet in order to generate profits and reduce its losses of $480,315 and outstanding bank loans of $784,000.Tom Kruger also predicts that sales would fall as much as 10% during the 1994 fiscal year due to government cutbacks on medical and educational spending as well as a sluggish level of consumer confidence. Tom Kruger is now faced with trying to get a 60 day extension for his temporary line of credit in order to get the company to start making profits again. Problem Statement and Objectives To save the compan y, Tom Kruger needs to get an extension of 60 days on his temporary line of credit so that he can keep losses to a minimum and start generating more profits.At the same time, the economy is declining, competitors are setting low prices, and the government is cutting back on educational spending. Tom Kruger realizes that his plant is not being utilized at full capacity and most of the operations were being primarily financed on bank credit due to insufficient cash at hand. To address these problems, Tom Kruger is now planning on developing a new plant layout for efficiency as well as requesting a line of credit extension in order to finance debt. Situation Analysis PortersAs we can see from the case, the metal industry is not an attractive industry because of high competition with low bids, unstable economy, high bargaining power of buyers, and high start up costs. Since the buyers have very little suppliers to choose from to do business with, it can be concluded that suppliers have bargaining power in this industry. Buyers on the other hand only have power when they are specialized at what they do and offer a very low price. Substitution is quite limited due to different specifications offered by the major companies.Barriers to entry on the other hand are very high due to the huge amount of capital needed to get a foot in to the industry. All in all competition is very high in this industry and one must bid aggressively in order to gain a contract. However, this is hard when everyone is giving their lowest bid. SWOT Analysis Overall, for National Fabricators the weaknesses outweigh the strengths for due to its failure towards managing both finance and operations for approximately 10 years.The threats also outweigh the opportunities mostly due the intense competition whcih provides a negative trend towards profits for National Fabricators within the industry. Strengths: †¢ The company has kept all of their old employees at the management level and this wil l allow them to keep stability while the company is under new ownership. †¢ With a strong sales team being compenstated on a commission basis, this will isnpire each employ to work harder to make and close sales; which in the long run will increase company profits. National Fabricator has contracts from purchaser who are very unlikely to default on their payables, because majority of them come from the government. †¢ Mr. Kruger, is well experienced for this position mostly due to his education and qualifications Weaknesses: †¢ The company lacks in a sufficient inventory management and cost management system, which impacts profits. †¢ With a deficiency of cash flow it forced the company to purchase materials from more costly warehouses other than Steelmills which is cheaper, which inreturn had increased manufacturing cost. Inproper scheduling and status reporting for work in progress caused a major ineffectiveness on plant capacity use, which had openly increased operating cost and reduced net profits. Opportunities: †¢ Buying from the Steelmills will result in an increase of operating profit while costs are being decreased. †¢ The company has the opportunity to grow in various markets and aquire new customers such as malls, hotels, offices, and motels not only in Canada but as well as the United States. Threats: †¢ Tremendous price and wage competition in a recurring industry will lead to additional losses in profits. The highest risk for National Fabricators is the three companies which are dominating the industry that have the investment ability to control industry standards and requirements, which could lead to a decrease in profits. †¢ Due to the long term contracts from the government it is impacting the company’s cash flow in a negative trend. Historical Financial Analysis †¢ Sales fluctuate due to the frequently cyclic nature of the industry but they aim to remain above 3 million annually. †¢ In 1 993 cost of goods sold being 90% of sales and 9. 6% gross profit of sales.Company’s lack of ability to manage inventory and lack of cash forced them to order from more expensive (12-15%more) warehouse than steel mills. †¢ Net profit margin has been negative and no major patterns over the 9 year period on net profit since the trend of the industry is based mostly on economic factors, and whether or not they secure contracts. Due to high percentage of COGS they are only left with a net profit of $980 or 0. 024% of sales in 1993. As a result, if the company lower the material cost, the profit margin will improve drastically. †¢ In 1984 current ratio went from 2. 07 to 1. 2 in 1993 which still is at an acceptable level, mainly due to the fact that operations were losing money in the past few years and there was a large cash drain on the company which resulted in the lowering of the current ratio. †¢ Operations were being financed by National Fabricators bank credit which resulted in outstanding bank loans of $784,000; this could cause serious problems on their credit rating from the local bank due to the worse intereage coverage ratio. †¢ Their average age of receivables in days is 78. 79 which had been steady around that number except in 1993 with 101 days mainly due to the holdback on large accounts.Since it is taking longer for them to convert accounts receivable into cash, the liquidity ability for the company is getting worse. | |1993 |1992 |1991 |1990 | |Liquidity | | | | | |Current Ratio |1. 12 |1. 34 |1. 32 |1. 58 | |Quick Ratio |0. 70 |0. 4 |0. 81 |0. 81 | |Profitability | | | | | |%Sales Growth |25. 7% |(17. 6%) |14. 4% | | |Gross Margin |9. 6% |10. 7% |7. 0% |7. 0% | |Net Margin |0. 02% |(1. 8%) |(5. 6%) |(6. %) | |Expenses/Sales |10. 0% |13. 3% |12. 8% |14. 1% | |ROE |0. 2% |(11. 4%) |(37. 8%) |(26. 3%) | |ROA |0. 04% |(4. 1%) |(12. 8%) |(11. 9%) | | | | | | | |Debt/Assets |75. % |64. 2% |66. 1% |54. 7% | |Debt/Equity |310. 4 % |179. 4% |195. 0% |121. 2% | Recommendation and Analysis We have chosen to recommend alternative #1, which will focus on improving their profits because they will be reducing the cost of materials from purchasing directly from Steel Mills rather than buying from the warehouses. By doing so this will help them convince Confederation Bank.Purchasing from producers rather than the warehouses will significantly save us an approximate 12-15%. This can help drastically with their profits being made. Another way to improve profit is by increasing profit margins and to do so they need to cut the cost of materials, which will be approximately 68%. By having cut material cost by 13. 5% National Fabricators will have $314,600, which is the amount they saved from the materials and it would increase their gross profits by that amount. Having laid out this plan everything looks very convincing but there are a couple set backs, which need to be worked out.Delivery is three months once purchased from the producers directly rather than one-day delivery from the warehouses, this may cause problems for daily operations. National Fabricators now has to pay off their suppliers in 30 days payments. It used to be 60-90 days but the change requires the need for more cash on hand. Nationals Fabricators will require the financial support of Confederation Bank in order to solve these set backs that will take place if they don't receive the help financial help they require. Being able to execute this plan we believe that National Fabricators would be able to convince the bank to extend the loan.This will benefit the company because not doing so will increase the financial problems. The reason being we didn't choose alternative 2 was because it was just too risky and way too costly especially with the risk at hand. Yes it was to better their sales but factor in that their attempts to migrate in the U. S. market also have the risk of not being successful. Also the number of other compani es already settled their will give a great competitive market and putting all this together would just show that there is much more risk at hand than reward. Exhibits and Analysis: Attached on next page

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Willima Shakespeares, A Midsummer Night’s Dream...

The course of love never did run smooth (Shakespeare I.i.134). William Shakespeare’s captivating, profound play illustrates the complications of four Athenians’ love lives. Two lovers yearn to run away together to get married, but trouble sets in and their lives become more complex when magical fairies and a love potion get involved. The four Athenians have to battle their way through love’s complications. The perplexing â€Å"love square,† mythical interference, and the endeavor to find equanimity are the three obstacles that the main characters urge to get past during the comedy. As these obstacles are thrown at the Athenians, the four lovers grow confused, and because of Robin, the audience laughs often. The play may begin with anything and end with anything, but if the dreamer is sad at the end he will be sad as if by prescience at the beginning; if he is cheerful at the beginning he will be cheerful if the stars fall (The American Chesterton Society). In the beginning of the play, Egeus, Hermia’s father, complains to the duke of Athens, Theseus, about his daughter not wanting to marry the man he picked out for her, Demetrius. Theseus comes to a conclusion of either sending Hermia to a nunnery or executing her. Hermia does not want to go through with either of those choices, so she and Lysander, the man Hermia really loves, plan to run away from the city of Athens to be married. Everything is arranged for their escape and all is well until Helena enters the scene. Hermia

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The External/Internal Conflicts in aP - 778 Words

Roel Luna Jr. June 9, 2013 Essay 1 Mr. Cardenas The External/Internal Conflict in Aamp;P by John Updike After reading John Updike’s short story â€Å"Aamp;P†, it is clear that conflict is present from beginning to end. The general conflict carried throughout the story is centered on conformity. A few examples of conflict presented in this story include Sammy versus his opposition of the store’s structure and community’s mindset, Lengel verses the girls and Sammy versus himself. As the story opens, we are introduced to an opinionated, observant, sarcastic and hormone-driven 19-year old boy who works as a cashier in a grocery store of a small town. As he describes the store and his surroundings, the reader begins to sense Sammy’s†¦show more content†¦He had officially entered adult-hood. This is an incredibly powerful story because every time you read it, you take away something new that you hadn’t previously realized. Sammy’s act of â€Å"bravery† definitely left a lasting impact on everyone involved and everyone who reads it too. One can use their own experiences to discover themselves and how they react to social expectations and living in a conformist society. It was never really about the girls, rather seeing their reaction to the norms which triggered his reaction to the same norms. WORK CITED Updike, John. â€Å"Aamp;P.† Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Ed. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 9th ed. New York: Longman, 2005.Show MoreRelatedThe Conflict I Experienced With Raven Will Be Analyzed By The Psychodynamic Theory And The Attribution Theory1362 Words   |  6 Pages Analysis of the Situation The conflict I experienced with Raven will be analyzed by the psychodynamic theory and the attribution theory. The theories will be defined according to textbooks, peer reviewed scholarly articles, as well as an outside source book. I will use the conflict situation with my sister to demonstrate how each of the theories helps reveal aspects of the conflict. The first theory reviewed will be the psychodynamic theory. Psychodynamic Theory. The psychodynamic theoryRead MoreChallenges Of Being A Leader . Being A Leader Can Come1282 Words   |  6 Pageschallenges that will test your abilities and get you to rise to another level. The way a leader deals with the challenges of the position can ultimately be beneficial. Challenges of leadership can be sorted into three separate categories: external challenges, internal challenges, and challenges that arise from the nature of leadership itself. What is a Leader? What is a leader? It seems like such a simple question. First I can tell you what a leader is not. A leader is not someone with seniority, itRead MoreThe Main Categories Of Theoretical Explanations For Delinquent Behavior And Attitudes1011 Words   |  5 PagesI. Eve, Raymond A. (1978). A Study of the Efficacy and Interactions of Several Theories for Explaining Rebelliousness among High School Students. The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 69 (1), p. 115-125. II. Research question: The purpose of this study was to examine the three main categories of theoretical explanations for delinquent/deviant behavior. While focusing on the second category of deviant behavior, â€Å"rebelliousness†; Eve sets out to measure theRead MorePost Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )1575 Words   |  7 Pagesfunctioning, the person likely has PTSD. â€Å"PTSD is often characterized by a heightened sensitivity to potential threats, including those related to the traumatic experience and those not related to the traumatic event† (American Psychiatric Association, 2013, p. 277). The DSM-5 provides several diagnostic criteria, which must be met if a diagnosis of PTSD is going to be made. The DSM-V criteria for identifying PTSD requires that symptoms must be active for more than one month after the trauma and associatedRead MoreInternal Checks And Balance System Essay1414 Words   |  6 PagesInternal checks and balance system are used to prevent company from mistakes. However, Enron’s internal checks and balances system were fail to prevent its from demise because its external auditors were provide service to help Enron to cover the loopholes, internal accountants were violate accounting rules in several of off-balance sheet and the lawyers did not provide fair reports because of conflict of interest. First, as an external auditor, Andersen was help to conceal the false statements ratherRead MoreThe Ethical Framework Of Accounting897 Words   |  4 Pagesregulators to revise the conceptual framework of accounting processes. This study aims to understand what effect has an ethical framework in accounting. In particular, we examine the influence of ethics on earnings management, financial reporting, and external accounting. Today, the commercial environment reveals the unethical behavior of management and accountants through the manipulation of accounting records to boost the company’s stock price, falsified financial statements to mislead investors, failureRead MoreHamlets Inner and Outer Conflict in Shakespeares Hamlet Essay542 Words   |  3 PagesConflict, in literary context, can be defined as â€Å"the opposition of persons or forces that gives rise to the dramatic action in a drama or fiction.† Conflicts can be external, between two or more persons, or internal, within one’s self. In most literature the conflict adds to the execution of the plot itself. Shakespeare’s â€Å"Hamlet† makes use of both forms of conflict as an essential element of the play. I will show how â€Å"Hamlet† presents inner and outer conflicts with examples of each and howRead MoreThe Principal Players And Influencers Within Corporations That Monitor, And Control The Financial And Operational Activities That Shape1492 Words   |  6 Pagesthese articles shows how the different roles of internal and external corporate players are integral and critical to the corporate governance process. Adams, Hermalin, and Weisbach (2003) state that governance structures are created internally because businesses select them due to governance problems they already confront. In addition, Fich (2005), Weisbach (1988), and Borokhovich (1996) all state that research shows that corporations with external influence and outside-dominated boards are moreRead MoreCulture And Conflict In The Organizational Culture Of Uber1276 Words   |  6 Pagesand harmful to its members if proper standards are not established. Culture and conflict often intersect each other when dealing with various issues. Many individuals and businesses reference their culture when reacting to situations. Conflict can be internal- where a person may have conflicting ideas and thoughts. It could also be external- such as a difference in opinions or beliefs between two or more groups. Conflict can be as large as war, or as small as deciding what to eat. It arises from aRead MoreLeadership Application For Leadership Applications987 Words   |  4 Pages In order to become more effective at leadership applications, people must learn how to more effectively communicate, listen, and embrace a variety of diverse perspectives. Positively influencing both internal and external variables on personal and professional levels require the attainment of individual and self-awareness. Having gained a relatively broad-based awareness for many diverse perspectives, all of which are very much applicable towards enhancing efficiency, eff ectiveness, and overall

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Medieval Masculinities The Viking Age - 1833 Words

The Scandinavian Late Iron Age, popularly known as the Viking Age, is often represented by pre 1960’s archeology as deeply and inherently male, with male aggressiveness as the ideal presented to the public, leaving little room for alternative gender roles in the popular imagination. However, Dr. Lisa Bitel of the University of Southern California stated, â€Å"Women participated more fully and freely in both the settling of Iceland and in its written history than in any other migration of peoples within medieval Europe. †¦Some Scandinavianists have argued that in Iceland Europeans had a chance to experiment with social and political organizations unencumbered by the customs of the homeland; other scholars believe, however, that the Icelanders brought with them to the new land the customs of the old, including gender relations.† In 1990, Fordham University hosted a conference on gender and medieval society, focusing on the issue of feminist studies as a frame from which medieval ideas of â€Å"manhood† are approached. In 1994, Medieval Masculinities: Regarding Men in the Middle Ages was published as a result of that conference. A number of researchers contributed essays on the changes in definitions of masculinity during the medieval period, and looking at masculinity as another lens through which gender is to be approached, rather than a normative state to compare against in relating the lives of women in society. The focus was on demonstrating that the hegemonicShow MoreRelatedWomen s Rights Within The Viking Age924 Words   |  4 Pagesresearch perceived the Viking world as being dominated by men with the majority of studies being concerned with exploring the life and material culture of the male part of the society. There is no denying that archaeology is a discipline which has traditionall y been deeply colored by a predominantly male bias, and the historical dominance of men over women had been accepted to such a degree that it appeared to be the natural order of things . Popular imagination was of male Viking warriors with theirRead MoreRepresentations Of Women And Women1539 Words   |  7 Pageson the fragments of the Oseberg tapestry. The textile fragments show human-esque figures that appear to be either standing in front of spears or holding them and who wear clothing that is closely representative of long dresses which were worn by Viking Age women. Some apparently female figures are also holding swords. The Oseberg tapestry is difficult to interpret, but it has been suggested that its imagery may represent a procession of some sort, perhaps one that occurred as part of a funeral. JeschRead MoreMisinterpretation in Ian McEwans Atonement2826 Words   |  11 PagesRomeo and Juliet and Atonement, and naturally the role and status of women changed considerably during that time. Italy in the 17th Century stood much closer in time and culture to the ancient and medieval world where women were the property of their husbands and fathers, marriages were arranged at a young age and individual desires and free choice mattered little in a patriarchal and authoritarian society. Romeo and Juliet insisted on making their personal desires most important, going against the wishesRead MoreThe Czech Republic As We Know It5172 Words   |  21 Pagescarried on for fourteen years and concluded in 1434. In 1458 the Hussites elected a Czech Protestant king named George of Podebrady. The Hapsburg Dynasty ruled the lands from 1526-1790. During the reign of King Joseph II from 1764-1790, we saw the age of Slovene Enlightenment. The provinces of the Czech and Austrian territories were subdivided into administrative districts and German became the official language. From 1769 – 1815 this area saw the effects of the Napoleonic Wars led by Bonaparte andRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesCalculated from data in Galina V. Selegen, â€Å"The First Report on the Recent Population Census in the Soviet Union,† Population Studies 14, no. 1 (1960): 17–27; L. T. Badenhorst, â€Å"The Future Growth of the Population of South Africa and Its Probable Age,† Population Studies 4, no. 1 (1950): 3–46; Angus Maddison’s data sets on world population, maddison; U.S. historical statistics at; Kingsley Davis, â€Å"Recent Population Trends in the New World: An Over-All View,† Annals